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Premium wine, wilderness and art tours in Nelson and Marlborough

Wine, Art and Wilderness offer two types of tour – Exclusive (private) and Scheduled (small group tours)

Tour options

Exclusive Luxury Tours

A select number of predetermined tours are available on an exclusive or private basis only, or guests can ‘Trust the Guide’ to seek out activities and features to cater for any specific interests. Most exclusive options are flexible enough to be adapted to meet time and fitness constraints.

Scheduled or Small Group Tours

Choose from any of Wine, Art and Wilderness scheduled tours to match required interests. They are fully catered, leisurely, informal and designed to cater for all levels of fitness. These are essentially a soft adventure – enticing, rewarding and taken at a relaxed pace. Transported in the comfort of luxurious vehicles, we follow less travelled routes to sites that provide insight into curious local attractions and contemporary and historical New Zealand life.

* NOTE all scheduled tours can be provided on an exclusive basis if required.

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New Zealand’s uniqueness in our flora and fauna not only came from our geographic isolation but also from the absence of marsupials and other mammals.

These diverse ecosystems of New Zealand were contained by 18,000 km of coastline and this natural world is the inspiration for its national icons – the kiwi, silver fern and koru.

New Zealand’s mountains are young and are among the most dramatic landforms and are the spine of the South Island.

The nature, walking and scenic tours of Wine Art and Wilderness seek to explore our strange diversity and history in Abel Tasman, Kahurangi and Nelson Lakes National Parks, Golden Bay and Forest Parks and Reserves.

As my passion lies in understanding and interpreting the natural surroundings I provide the ultimate in interactive guided experiences, as there is much to be learnt by visitors who explore the awesome scenery in my favorite places, without the crowds.

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Wine Exposed visits the small boutique family-owned wineries that are the most picturesque to be found anywhere and learn their unique or historical stories.

Guided by a passionate wine enthusiast, join with winemakers, viticulturists, vineyard owners and their families crafting exquisite wines and savour the secrets of wine making and the simplicity of Food Matching with some of the regions most noted wine personalities.

Wine Exposed offers a personal and authentic experience. It’s the perfect way to explore the Nelson and Marlborough regions that have made New Zealand wine famous throughout the world.

Wine And Food

Nelson has built a solid global reputation for the wine it produces and the personality of the winemakers.

Marlborough is world famous for Sauvignon Blanc and now producing world class Pinot Noir

Nelson food speaks of the country and has long been considered a food bowl for New Zealand, has a reputation for the quality and variety of fresh fruit and vegetables and sea produce.

Each day is a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation enjoying the simple everyday luxuries that the locals experience along with the fun and flexibility of a small group. Each vineyard or winery visited has been chosen for its stunning locality and unique romantic story.

All are top boutique and family owned, driven by passion and enthusiasm that allows their cultural influence to show through in the consistently high quality wines.

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Nelson celebrates being the Art centre of New Zealand as the galleries in and around Nelson clearly showcase why the city is a giant culture magnet attracting both artists and visitors in a fusion of creativity that exists all year round.

Nelson is blessed with stunning physical attributes – National parks, mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, sheltered bays, estuaries, and a superb climate, this and the laid back atmosphere has inspired many artists to greatness and international acclaim.

Probably unique to Nelson is the openness and approachability of the artists and with Art Exposed you are guided and welcomed into many of the working studios and homes and see first hand their skill and talent.

With the small group size of Art Exposed tours there is the flexibility that allows selecting from the large and diverse array of Galleries and studios to visit.

The importance of arts in the region is without question, as it is an area of dense activity and participation and the current generation of artists with a ‘can do’ attitude and driving passion that epitomizes the Nelson spirit and continues to make remarkable things happen, whether it is Ceramics, Glass, Jewellery, Painting & Printmaking, Photography, Sculpture, Textiles, Woodwork, Ironwork and Furniture as well as mixed media.

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